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LEANER, LONGER, STRONGER.  Based on individual needs, Jennifer utilizes a  combination of Ballet Barre, pilates reformer, pilates mat work and Zena Rommet floor barre. Students will experience a physical transformation as they continue to practice this unique combination of disciplines. Consistent training at least twice a week produces the following results; fat replaced by muscle, reversal of bone loss, improvement in energy and balance, core strengthened, and lower back pain reduced.







Need to get in shape for that recital, music video audition, commercial  or global tour for artists such as, Beyonce, Lady Gaga,  or Katy Perry? Jennifer's decades of experience as a dancer on the international stage, Broadway, and film has given her a keen eye for individual performance. Regardless of style, be it Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, or Hip Hop, Jennifer focuses on the dancer's line, rhythm and stage presence to perfect their audition. She coaches both the commercial and elite dancer, correcting and perfecting their individual solos. These are improved without retraining or undoing the work students accomplish in their daily training. Jennifer continues to coach for Youth American Grand Prix, Music Center Spotlight Awards, Los Angeles High School for Performing Arts, and CalArts.

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