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New York city ballet, 1968

School & Theater

Beginners to Pre- Professional

Jennifer Nairn-Smith

Master Ballet Teacher, Fosse, and Pilates Instructor

     Jennifer Nairn-Smith, protegee of both George Balanchine, and Bob Fosse, director of Larchmont Ballet and Akubra Contemporary Ballet Company has a theatrical and dance concert career that encompasses stage, film, and television. Jennifer's career as a Ballerina, Broadway performer, and dance instructor spans 40 years. At the age of 17, in North Queensland, Australia, Jennifer won a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School at Covent Garden, London. Growing too tall at 5'10'', for the Royal Ballet, she succesfully auditioned and was granted a merit scholarship to the School of American Ballet. After perfecting her craft as an emerging dancer, Jennifer was hand picked by George Balanchine for the world renowned, NEW YORK CITY BALLET. Jennifer subsequently originated roles and performed in some of the greatest Balanchine Ballets of the 20th Century. A selection of the 30 original Balanchine ballets performed by Jennifer Nairn-Smith include, Brahms Schoenberg Quartet, Diamonds in Jewels, and the Stravinsky ballet, Movements for Piano and Orchestra.

 In 1961, Jennifer danced for Hermes Pan, the choreographer for many of Fred Astaire's well known performances, in director, Joseph Mankiewicz'sCleopatra, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Rex Harrison on a sound stage at the world famous ,Cine Citta Studios, in Rome, Italy. Shortly thereafter, during her training at the School of American Ballet, unbeknownst to Mr. Balanchine, he suggested she work with Hermes Pan yet again. The summer before she joined the New York City Ballet, she danced for Hermes Pan in the movie, My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn, and Rex Harrison, directed by George Cukor

     BOB FOSSE also chose Jennifer to perform in the original cast of the Tony Award winning, Broadway show, Pippin. Jennifer continued her work with Fosse as a featured dancer in the Academy Award winning movie, All That Jazz. As a stage performer, Jennifer was also a member of the iconic Broadway show, Follies, created by Stephen Sondheim, and choreographed by Michael Bennet. Jennifer also danced in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. Jennifer supported her professional dance career by training PILATES with its originator JOSEPH PILATES, Carola S. Trier & Ron Fletcher. 

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